Focusing: Part 1 – Scale Focusing

Do you have a camera without a rangefinder system, or through-the lens (ttl) viewfinder (like an SLR)?

Rollei 35

Do you want to use your manual focus camera like a point and shoot? or shoot “from the hip”?

Up next, a how to on scale focusing!

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Rollei 35 (First look)

Here’s my new Rollei 35. Isn’t it cute!


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Introduction to Black and White Film

What makes up a roll of 35mm film? Forgetting about the film canister and spool, the film itself has two main components – the base and the emulsion.

Some available 35mm film

Some available 35mm film

Traditional black and white film* is the simplest of the commonly used films, using a single layered emulsion and is the best place to start when discovering how film is exposed and developed.

*In this post, when I talk about black and white film, I am referring to “silver gelatin” film. The other type of black and white film (Chromogenic C41) is far less common and is more like C41 color film in structure and the development process.

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Sunny 16

If you have a digital camera, or a film camera with a light meter (whether built in or external) you most likely don’t have to worry too much about getting a “correctly” exposed image for the majority of your frames.

Tallebudgera 1

If, however, you are using a film camera without a meter it is likely that you will need some kind of system to calculate (or more accurately, estimate) the time and aperture needed to expose your chosen film. “Sunny 16” is what I use most of the time I am shooting with my Canon P or other meter-less cameras.

Sunny 16 is also useful to know if, for example, you use a camera such as the Nikon FM or Olympus OM1 which has a meter but is fully mechanical. These cameras will allow you to continue shooting even when the battery is dead, albeit without the use of the meter – a perfect time to remember Sunny 16.

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Canon P

This is my Canon P (Populaire). There are many like it (almost 90,000 were made) but this one is mine.

Canon P-3

I picked up this camera at Sankyo Camera when I was in Tokyo this year for the very reasonable (I believe) price of ¥7000. They had three at the time, and this one seemed in the best condition, cosmetically and mechanically.

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Hello world (of photography)

Canon P - Lewis Hopkins

Hello and welcome to my blog, Manual Exposure.

It’s not the first photography blog on the internet, and it won’t be the last. But that’s just fine. Continue reading

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